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You can define success in myriad ways, but for us, it's the satisfaction we get after we see the joy from our clients. We believe that we take the standard  of quality and of service to a higher level. We achieve this by simply paying attention to all the details big and small, and really listening to what our clients want. Our first time clients continue to become our lifetime clients because we approach every project with the same respect and integrity for the home owners regardless of the size.  

​We believe for our clients to get a finally product that is visually exceptional, functional and structurally sound we combine the talents of an engineer, builder, and designer.


Price Contracting is a custom building and designing company based in Barrie Ontario. We have now been building quality custom projects successfully for over 25 years. We have put together a premier team of Builders,Engineers, and designers that have experience, expertise, as well as an unprecedented drive for success and we strive day in and out to consistently exceed our clients expectations. At our company we show you the difference that is made when hiring a custom builder. Whether it be a Custom Home, Remodel, Addition or renovation we will make the building process a enjoyable, unforgettable experience. This isn't a job, its a passion. 

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